Monday, July 28, 2014

Post-Newport: The Oh Hellos Download

We have something to share with y'all.

These guys (and gals), if you haven't read our review, BLASTED us away. Just incredible energy.

We're going to skirt our responsibilities here and not do up a review. Instead, we're going to offer y'all the link to download their debut full-length album AT YOUR OWN PRICE. We paid $10 gladly for a physical, and we think $5-7 is fair for a digital copy. But, of course, free is a possibility (and if you like it, pay for a friend's download).

The sound is immense. And keep your ears peeled, as their sophomore full-length is due later this year-slash-early next year. In fact, just check out their whole Bandcamp.

Thanks much for the memories! Keep you posted on the final (and ridiculously awesome) day at the Folk Fest!


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