Monday, January 14, 2013

Trixie Whitley solo debut doesn't turn the Fourth Corner

Trixie Whitley - "Fourth Corner"
Strong Blood Records
-out Jan. 29
3 / 5

The opener captivates us: "Irene," a metallic, steam-engine of a track hits all the right notes that a power female vocalist should - passion, drive, soul. Belgium-born Whitley has a strong voice and presence on her debut solo, intimate, immediate, and capable, but we're going to shy from giving it our full-on approval. Yes, she's got pipes, and yes, she knows how to use them; yet, as good as her performances here, we feel she's a bit too in control. These songs are here to showcase her vocals, which are composed of equal parts wisdom and wild. So then she shorts us half: where are the shrieks, the nigh-screams, faintness of breath, total loss of control? Whitley is more than capable of belting one out, but we need to see her go just half a step more, to the places that shake her core, because it's not enough to just shake the earth for its sake. Fourth Corner comes short of something fantastic, though we'll keep her eye on her for next time; take an unfortunate pass.

Take a listen to "Breathe You In My Dreams."

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