Monday, October 10, 2011

Brown Bird's album worth its Salt

Brown Bird - "Salt for Salt"
Supply and Demand
-out Oct. 18
4.5 / 5

It's not Rhode Island love that lights this reviewer's heart (the band is, after all, originally from Washington). And it's not that David Lamb's got to do vocals/ guitar/ bass drum simultaneously at shows. It's, quite frankly, the moody "Bilgewater" and the fire of "Cast No Shadow" that slay us. But, if a couple songs on the previous EP were all that caught our attention, we'd not've given this album such striking marks. As excellent as those two songs are, it's the entire mood of this album, an all-acoustic affair inspired by long-gone days of horse travel and demons (see "Blood of Angels"), all while maintaining a full sound with two-and-a-half members. As replete as it is with gypsy influence and energy, you might expect tales of evil and woe; and you'd be wrong if you thought these weren't danceable tunes, in a traditional gypsy sense. It is dark, it is simple yet deep, it aims for the gut and gets there. In short, Salt for Salt is well worth your time, and comes highly recommended.

Listen to the opener, and check out the EP, "Sound of Ghosts"

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