Monday, August 29, 2011

A band called Wandas disappoint

The Wandas - Self-Titled
-out tomorrow
2.5 / 5

We like "Do or Die." We enjoy "Forever and Ever." And, if we were to liken their sound to anyone, it might strangely come close to Wilco's "Summer Teeth;" an alt-country feel, Tweedy-ish tone to the vocals, light and poppy (which is a good thing). But, ultimately, we're going to draw the line in the sand and say, unfortunately, The Wandas' self-titled release isn't our bread-and-butter. Why not, you may ask? Ask away: because, unlike "Summer Teeth," these songs are tragically straightforward, lacking the interesting lyricism or sonic departures that made Wilco a groundbreaking band. And, while The Wandas certainly shouldn't be Wilco, they still should be something different, a unique fish in the sea. With a song like "Mr. Mister," we're going to say we were hoping for something far more challenging, or uplifting, or angular and personal; perhaps all of the above, even. These songs simply come off too one-dimensional, too musically bland, and not terribly insightful. Sorry folks, but take a pass!

Still, go listen to "Do or Die" and possibly "Forever and Ever."

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