Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glass Ghost doesn't give musical chills

Glass Ghost - "Idol Omen"
Western Vinyl
-due out Oct. 27

With vocals and a sensibility akin to Blonde Redhead, Glass Ghost creates sparse, vaporous songs on their debut. The tracks are, indeed, ghostly with a touch of haunting vocals, but what holds the band back is the same sparseness of the tracks; Ghost has no difficulty in creating a mood, but find trouble with fleshing it out. "The Same" suffers from this, feeling emotionally empty even with several electronic effects. "Time Saving Trick" and "Like a Diamond" succeed best on this album, both because they are filled with more traditional instruments, and also because of their better pace. But even these tracks don't wrap themselves around their listener like they should, and they just don't completely satisfy; also, considering "Idol Omen" is just over 31 minutes, all the tracks here could be of far better quality. There's not enough good material here to recommend it. A brief and slight disappointment.

Listen to "Like a Diamond": www.myspace.com/453173424

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