Friday, January 13, 2017

Open to Donations - and Totally Open to Review Suggestions

Gettin' ready to shoot some musicians. With a camera. Yeah, awk. (c) Pamela Almeida
Welcome to the new year! It's 2017! Everything is ending!

We haven't monetized this tiny little blog with ads and other obnoxiousness, buuuut... we thought this was a cool idea to hear what ch'all have to say.

How can you get a say? Check out the right side of the blog - a Paypal/Credit Card donate button! Woo hoo! We're asking $1 - for a suggestion of a CD review you want (current year only); $3 for an artist interview. Mostly, we wanna hear what you want to read. Might as well squeeze a buck from y'all while we're at it.

Check it out! Thanks everyone, we're excited to go shoot Kyle Morton. With a camera.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kyle Morton (aka the Typhoon) Passes into Boston

Kyle Morton circa the solemn 1930s (B&W). Photo (c) Jeremy Paul Hernandez.
Rough Trade NYC, New York, NY. Fri. 1-20-17, Doors 8p, Show 9p. $15.
Cafe 393, Boston, MA. Sat. 01-21-17, Doors 7:30p, Show 8p. SOLD OUT.

In case you were unaware, we are obsessed with Typhoon. You might want to read our review of their debut full-length White Lighter from 2013 - one of two 5 / 5's on this little blog (the other belonging to Deer Tick).

It's a brilliant album, we can safely say.

So when we saw Kyle Morton's solo tour, the same Mr. Morton who is primary songwriter and singer for Typhoon, you knew we were going to get excited. Everyone we've met - from the Oh Hellos to Cereus Bright to god knows who else we're forgetting - have fond memories of the 11+ piece Typhoon. And to have whittled down the group to a small handful of solo performances... we'll, let's say we're probably expecting quite a bit.

Here are the further tour dates. And here's Morton's 2016 solo album, available for streaming and purchase. We're expecting to hear much off this latest album, but quite hopefully, his brief discography with Typhoon will likely be making an appearance (and yes, they've announced a sophomore full-length to be forthcoming).

Anyway... yes, this show is sold out in Boston. But in case you're near NYC, we suggest checking out one of the most exciting new songwriters we've ever listened to. Probably the most surprising, intricate, and outright unexpected songwriting we've come across. So, yes, worth the admission, we'd be happy to stake. Check out the few other tour dates as well.

And be back after the Boston show so we can shower you with photos and Morton with praise (most likely),