Monday, November 28, 2016

This Wednesday - Newport Folk Fest Tics on Sale

It's true. This Wednesday. You might catch folkers next year like this guy:

Four guesses: C,S,N or Y?

...who happened to be incredible at this past summer's Newport Folk Fest.

So you know we're partial to this particular Fest. We might have something of a history with this one. And you can, too, but only if you're able to grab a ticket. (And be warned, they've been selling out within a day... except for Friday. So...)

Again, reminder: This Wed, Nov. 30th. 10 am Eastern Time. Click this kind of link to get to the Folk Fest site. And again, last July weekend in 2017: 28th-30th (Fri-Sun).

It's gonna be good, and more importantly, sold out. On your marks, get set...

Monday, November 21, 2016

Matthew Logan Vasquez "Returns" for Solo

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Solicitor Returns
No label
-out now
4 / 5

Let's cut to the chase for y'all: it's a good album. Now Austin-based rocker/writer Matthew Logan Vasquez, from Delta Spirit / Middle Brother fame has his solo album. And it's good. It took us a few listens to get into his slower pace on here, but it's grimy, it's deliberate swagger, it's confident and assertive. Some time back, Vasquez mentioned that he envisioned his Delta Spirit not as "Americana," but as a rock outfit. We think this is the album he envisioned when he said that (not their decent, but lyrically flawed 2012 Delta Spirit).

Is it still Americana? Is it just straight rock? Is it more country, even? We don't care at this point. Solicitor Returns may not have the crazy, jump-off-a-roof (in a somersault) vocals of Delta Spirit's 2006 EP, I Think I Found It (which is one of our favorite EPs - ever); but it lays in a Johnny-Cash-like groove, stripped down, emotive vocals, almost eschewing songwriting in favor of pure musicianship. And then we get gems like "Bound to Her," a synth-heavy, somber dirge that crushes you under the weight of its sober beauty. It's the kind of song that we'd never thought we'd dig into - trudging, simple chorus, nothing terribly fancy going on. But... yeah, it's gorgeous. "Black East River" is enjoyable as well, mostly because it throws back to those soulful vocals in his starting days, even though it seems like his crazy dynamics are all but gone from his songwriting. In any case, it is confident like we said, it's mature, it's music that doesn't seek to impress or dazzle. It's music that looks to crush you, and it does.

It's not the album we wanted. It's not the album we expected, either. But it's something honest, truthful, and just good. Pick it up; recommended.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We're watching the election, and...

This story (a year old) is what we'd like to repost to you all:


Hold on. Be political. Don't give up. It's not too much, it's too important.