Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Syd Arthur at the Brighton Music Hall

Stand 'em up, knock it down. Canterbury's sweetest groove since the Tales. (L to R: Raven Bush, Liam Magill, Fred Rother, Joel Magill. Copyright Andy Cotterill)

Brighton Music Hall, Brighton, MA. Sat. 6-7-14, 8pm. $12 adv. 18 and over with ID. This fierce foursome of Brits come to nigh-Boston this weekend. Why must we let you know this? Because they take half their name from a Kinks album, and if you don't know our position on the Kinks, then you must be new to the blog. Point for them. They've also got a new psychedelic album out with all kinds of time signatures that just flow so smooth (and this may be new to y'all, but we appreciate making the tough sound easy). Yes, they're just opening for Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (whom we know nothing about), so hopefully that'll mean they'll hit up the merch table and maybe sign stuff for y'all.

And about us? We don't know. Miserable injury may keep us from showing up in anything other than spirit. But let us know what you think about them live, because we'd love to know!

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