Sunday, July 21, 2013

Artwork for Keeper of Dreams Unveiled

So we've got a non-music announcement first: we're unveiling the cover art of The Keeper of Dreams: A Dozen Stories and Poems, beautifully done by RISD grad Matthew Vidalis (link to site right here). We don't have a release date for it yet, but it will likely be sometime in Nov.-Dec. Pretty sweet-looking, no?

Let's put up some links to stories, too: "The Madness of the Gods," penultimate draft, we should say; and "The Sentence," which is not for the faint of heart. The collection is a mix of flash-fiction, poetry, and, of course, short stories of various lengths. We'll keep you updated on it over the next few weeks.

Music announcement: there's still one day of the Newport Folk Festival available! Get your tics for Friday, and get out of work early - Elizabeth Mitchell starts at 1:00 in the Family Tent, other music starts at 2:25. Feist, John McCauley (ie Deer Tick), and The Low Anthem's local revue all hit our spotlight, and even though you can't hit tics to the truly amazing Saturday and Sunday shows, at least this will tide you over a bit. Hope to see you this coming weekend!

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