Monday, January 3, 2011

The Soft Collapse offers album for DL

It's a tough time out there. That's why Brooklyn's Soft Collapse is offering their album "Little Songs" potentially for free on Bandcamp .com. We'll give you the link in a little bit, but considering the following: "Easy" is a somber little track with National-styled vocals; "Black on Black on Black on Black" references Johnny Cash AND Batman; and though the best things in life are free, you probably wouldn't mind supporting whoever gave them to you. So we suggest you try out those two tracks up there, and determine what you think is a fair price for this pleasant, patient, shy-from-the-light indie release. So help them out a bit, as they're working on a new album as we speak. Now here's that link:

In lieu of a full review, tell us what you think! (It's pretty good, no?)

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