Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Linfinity blooms on "Martian's Bloom"

Linfinity - "Martian's Bloom"
American Myth
-out now!
3.5 / 5

Dylan von Wagner's vocals haunt like Duncan's ghost on the sophomore release by New York quintet Linfinity. Spinning up this mixture of somber rock via David Byrne, we're reminded of the strong vocal presence of the National's and Shearwater's lead vocalists. There is no denying that it's Wagner's voice, take it or leave it, that supports Linfinity's efforts, but credit should be given to such tracks as "Choo Choo Train to Venice," which rocks like an iconoclastic surf-influenced punk, and "MSG," which feels inspired by the Talking Heads. While, lyrically, "Martian's Bloom" doesn't grip as tightly as we'd like it to, these tracks are sonically solid, and likely to please any fans of the aforementioned artists. What impresses especially about Linfinity is their attention to song structure (see "Morning Heights"), and their diversity of sound and mood; while that's no guarantee of a successful music career, we're definitely going to keep our ear out for the next release. Recommended.

Listen to "MSG":
Or listen to Linfinity live in Providence, 11/28:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Avi Buffalo balances art and uncouthness. Mostly.

Avi Buffalo - Self-Titled
Sub Pop
-out now!
3.5 / 5

The debut by Long Beach-native Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg begs the question: is there such a thing as beautiful crassness? Should vulgarity sounds so pleasant? Perhaps the answer lies in "What's in it For?" the clear, takeaway single from this collection of light, airy tunes. Nothing here hits harder than a light pluck, which is surprising considering some of the material ("Five Little Sluts," "Where's Your Dirty Mind"). While Zahner-Isenberg carefully straddles the line between art and outright disgustingness, generally he plays it just risque; our main regret on here is the song "Summer Cum," which is a needless overflow of... perhaps it needn't be mentioned. But other than that track, "Avi Buffalo" is indie pop strong enough to support itself. For the future, hopefully this act will show a bit more restraint and a little less juvenile impulse. Still recommended.

Listen to "What in it For":

Monday, November 15, 2010

Free Holiday music! And no more fever!

Sorry everyone,
I'd just been stricken down with a terrible bout of the lazies, followed up with a nasty cold. So these past two weeks have kinda been slow, and I felt it would be nice to give away some free music, courtesy of XO Publicity. Here's the link:

Tell me what you think! Hope you enjoy it, and Happy Holidays,