Monday, October 4, 2010

Kings Go Forth as royalty

Kings Go Forth - "The Outsiders Are Back"
Luaka Bop
-out now!
4 / 5

Take Earth, Wind and Fire, add dense layers of percussion and a female lead vocal, and you might come close to Milwaukee's retro-funk-soul outfit Kings Go Forth. With uplifting melodies and soulful harmonies, Kings brings back everything you loved about the 70s scene (shiny suits aside) on their debut release. And if you forgot what some of those things were, "You're the One" will certainly remind you again: singable choruses, bright, danceable rhythms, lyrics that transport you straight back to back-seat first-kiss nostalgia. Our favorite, "High on Your Love," is so pure and gorgeous that even the bitterest cynic must surrender and put on a smile. On it, Black Wolf declares "Let's make love on Jupiter/ While the Earth sleeps tonight," and if there's one thing this album does on each track, it is to make love. Enjoyable, refreshing, new (and old), and definitely recommended.

Listen to: "High on Your Love":

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