Monday, April 12, 2010

Horse Feathers won't ruffle yours

Horse Feathers - "Thistled Spring"
Kill Rock Stars
- out April 20
4 / 5

This folk/ Americana outfit from Portland, OR sways like grass in the breeze. With strings, banjo, and guitar, "Thistled Spring" evokes Iron and Wine's smooth simplicity and emotiveness, eschewing distracting speed riffs and complicated structure in favor of a more straightforward approach. "The Drought" is simply gorgeous, with an ambling banjo and Justin Ringle's aching vocals; "Starving Robins" brings a flowing, celestial guitar that explodes into uplifting violins. While just a step below Iron and Wine in terms of emotional power, Horse Feathers accomplishes much with very little, and for that reason, we feel this one belongs in your collection. Recommended.

Listen to "Cascades":

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