Monday, January 18, 2010

"In this Light" just doesn't shine

The Editors - "In This Light and on This Evening"
Plus One Records
-out today (US)
3 / 5

With the help of Depeche Mode producer Mark "Flood" Ellis comes post-punk outfit the Editors on their third full-length release. There is heavy synth here and melodramatic vocals, not unlike the 'Mode, and a strong 80s flavor to it. "Papillon's" strong dance beat makes it a quick favorite on this album, but the rest of the material here, while decent, doesn't tend to stick out. Perhaps it's the constant heavy synth, or the similar structure to the songs. Ultimately, an album should jut out more, should have more personality, and we think you deserve better. Not bad, but it can be a bit droning and repetitive for our tastes. Pass. (Original release: Europe, 10-17-09)

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