Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top CDs of 2009: Wednesday

Top CDs of 2009: Part III (con't)

We here at RMMM hate the 80s. Despise it. In fact, if there were one decade that was in need of a complete cultural retooling at the hands of superior cackling hens, that would be the one. Why, then, is the worst of our pop culture the best of this year? One answer: "Mallory." We're still digging the disco beat that permeates this long-player, and even if you're not a fan of retro-pop/rock, you have to appreciate that "Ancient Lover" is pure saccharine glee. There isn't a wrong note here, not a single "yawn" moment, and yet, for how polished this pop is, it's still incredibly engrossing, very danceable, and incredibly long-lasting. It's the kind of pick-me-up that you used to get out of Presidents of the United States, back when you ate can after can of peaches. We've got an earlier review of this one, too, so scroll over and check it out. Strong performance from a band that will only get better in the coming years; highly recommended.

Listen to "Mallory":, Top CDs of 2009 playlist

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