Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top CDs of 2009: Thursday

Top CDs of 2009, Part IV (con't)

Boom. Chack. Boom. Chack. From the opening synth of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's third full-length to the last strike of the drum, there is no doubt that Karen O is trying to get you up and dancing. The pure glissful disco-rock of "It's Blitz!" is engrossing, infectious, and glorious: there is little doubt that these ten electro-shock tracks are some of our favorites of the year (with "Zero," "Hysteric" and "Dull Life" the favorites of our favorites). It's simple, really: good performances, good lyrics, and crazy energy drive this album through and through, and if you're the kind of person who thinks only serious albums merit your time, then you deserve a crimson-fingerpolish slap. What keeps us coming back is the depth of the lyrics in these songs ("Shake it like a ladder to the sun" sure beats OutKast's "polaroid picture" remark), that and the fact the YYYs hold nothing back instrumentally and vocally. It'll keep you dancing all year long, and if not, you'll at least pretend like you can. Highly recommended.

Listen to "Zero":, Top CDs of 2009 playlist

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