Thursday, October 1, 2009

Warning: may have "fits" over Denim's latest

White Denim - "Fits"
-due out Oct. 20
4 / 5

Crashing, thrashing rough punk prevails on White Denim's second release. It's thick, viscous music that gets stuck in your throat; the opening tracks are full, well-executed twisting streams of sound that glut and flow, replete with guitar and drums. Any band that sets themselves to it can craft songs of these quality, but what sets Denim apart is their ability to change over to a calmer, more melodic and controlled M. Ward versing starting on "Paint Yourself," which goes acoustic against the Strokes-ish feel of "I Start to Run." The unpolished edge they cut into their music is surprisingly honed, and their sound opens up magnificently when they clean up and shave a bit on those last third of tracks. All in all, plenty for both the punker and the overall music enthusiast; recommended.

Listen to "I Start to Run":

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